Thursday, August 20, 2015

God Is What He Does

People will ask why God allows humans and the higher animals to suffer so much and Christians will give them convoluted and dishonest answers. Here's the truth.

Serial Killers - Demotivational Poster

For lack of a better term God is an asshole. God is all knowing so that means that God knows everything that is going to happens before it happens and that means that there is no free will. Christians move the goal posts on that one. They try to tell you that choice is free will. It isn't. God's choice is this...kiss my ass and your get to massage my insatiable ego for all eternity or don't kiss my ass and burn in hell. I saw a church sign that read... JESUS OR HELL-- YOUR CHOICE. 

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God chose to make humans so that they would suffer in agony. Our needless suffering is God's will. You can choose to kiss God's ass in the vain hope that he will show you some mercy or you can accept reality. Your choice.