Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Most Violent States Are The Red States

10. mississippi  (Both Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker are Republicans)

9. south carolina (Both senators Jim Dement and Lindsey Graham are Republicans)

8. arkansas (Sen. John Bozeman is a Republican and  most of the Congressman from Arkansas Republicans

7. texas (Both senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn are Republicans)

6. missouri (People from Missouri elected the now defeated Todd Akin. Roy Blunt is the Republican senator)

5. arizona (Both senators John McCain and John Kyl are Republicans)

4. florida (Barely a Blue State) (Florida elected Republican criminal Rick Scott governor. They also elected a little weasel named Mark Rubio for one of their senators. Luckily for Florida they have a very good senator in Democrat Bill Nelson)

3. nevada (Nevada also has a Republican senator Dean Heller)

2. tennessee (Elected Lamarr Alexander and Bob Corker both Republicans)

1. louisiana (Louisiana his Republican governor and a very famous Republican Sen. named David Vitter. David Vitter is a sick freak who visits prostitutes and has them dress him up in a diaper and clean his poopy bottom. Other than Cedric Richmond, all of Louisiana's congressional representatives are Republicans.)

The above states are very Christian.

Most Violent States Are Southern Red and Most Peaceful are Northern Blue 

This comes as no surprise. Christianity breeds violence. After all only a sick violent freak would kill his own son and only others sick violent freaks with twits that into some sort of act of mercy.

There a lot of things about the South that show the dreadful influence of Christianity in Christian teachings. We all know that the Bible and Jesus justified and approved of slavery but beyond the South's violent bloody past of slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow and segregation the dirty South has a lot of other dirty little secrets.

When it comes to teen pregnancy the South wins the gold medal. The red states and particularly the Bible Belt leave the country in unwed teen pregnancies.

When it comes to divorce, the red states when again. The divorce rate in the red states is shocking. With all the broken homes it's no surprise that there is so much violence.

There is another factor the plays a significant role in that's IQ and education. The red states are the stupid states so it would follow that they would gravitate to Christianity. Then there is theory that Christianity makes you dumb and keep your ignorant.

Facts are facts and the fact is, the Bible Belt, along with other red states is rife with sin, violence and sexual perversion. The Bible thumpers hate gays, hate atheists, hate progressives, hate liberals, hate minorities but most of all they hate the truth.

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