Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Had A Dog Once...

I Had A Dog Once by Anonymous

I had a dog once. Her name was Baby. I had a pa once I called him Pa. Pa was my father. Pa, is another name for father. I miss my pa. I miss my dog. Pa loved my dog and my dog loved Pa. Most of the time the dog slept on my bed but sometimes the dog would jump up onto Pa's bed and sleep with him. I didn't mind because he loved that dog and Pa didn't mind sharing his bed with the dog.  When the dog got old she was unable to jump up onto the bed so Pa had to help her.

Baby died and some time after that Pa died. Both Pa and baby were my true and trusted friends. I miss them so much. Pa had other dogs. Their names were Blitz who was a schnauzer, Poteen and Brynn who were Irish setters and an old mutt that the family named Stinger. All these dogs were good dogs but my favorite was Baby.

There are some people who say there is no heaven and there are some who say that dogs are not allowed in heaven. I can't say one way or the other for certain but if there is heaven I get a glimpse of it when I think back to that meadow when I was walking with Pa and Baby.

Dogs probably will not be allowed in heaven. Dogs are a good judge of character. God is probably too worried that people would pay too much attention to the dogs. That would cut into the eternal adoration and ego massage that God craves.

Dogs are such short-lived creatures who seem to love us unconditionally. When humans let us down by cheating us, lying to and about us, stealing from us, judging us and condemning us our dogs will be there by our sides offering a kind look, a lick on the face, or a warm dog cuddle. And when you spell the word dog and the word God one cannot help but see that when reversed  God is the opposite of dog just like in reality.

Today my life is unhappy and full of pain and now I want to be with Baby and Pa. The last thought I will have before I die and everything fades to black will be of the days when I walked in the meadow behind the house with Baby and my old Pa. I hope to be with them again, my true and trusted friends. That will probably be as close as I will ever get to heaven and as far away as I can get from God.

I had a dog once...


  1. If there is a god and God wants to judge me I will bring a Rottweiler with me to tear God to ribbons.

    I am also a dog lover.

  2. Feed God dog shit.

    1. Then piss in his mouth after you feed him shit so he can wash it down.


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