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Alzheimer's and the APOE Epsilon4 Allele

God made everything including the APOE epsilon4 allele. The E4 variant is the largest known genetic risk factor for late-onset sporadic Alzheimer disease (AD) in a variety of ethnic groups. Caucasian and Japanese carriers of 2 E4 alleles have between 10 and 30 times the risk of developing AD by 75 years of age, as compared to those not carrying any E4 alleles. While the exact mechanism of how E4 causes such dramatic effects remains to be fully determined, evidence has been presented suggesting an interaction with amyloid.[29] Alzheimer disease is characterized by build-ups of aggregates of the peptide beta-amyloid. Apolipoprotein E enhances proteolytic break-down of this peptide, both within and between cells. The isoform ApoE-ε4 is not as effective as the others at catalyzing these reactions, resulting in increased vulnerability to AD in individuals with that gene variation.

Estimated worldwide human allele frequencies of ApoE *
Allele                     ε2      ε3        ε4
General Frequency 8.4% 77.9% 13.7%
AD Frequency        3.9% 59.4% 36.7%

This is some heavy science but the point is God decided to fuck a lot of people with Alzheimer's Disease and of course God has plenty of help from his friends in the medical industry who exploit this disease and have figured out a way to turn the genes on to cause a greater incidence of Alzheimer's by prescribing statin drugs which are the biggest money making scam to ever come down the pike. The connection between neuron failure in Alzheimer disease and depleted myelin cholesterol (via ApoE deficiency) has also been described in Cholesterol Depletion and consequently is a known adverse drug reaction to statin therapy.

God has his agents on earth who do his bidding for him so he can sit back and do what he does best ie watch living things suffer and die while he laughs.

Like God Alzheimer's is a cruel cruel disease. Not only is it brutal on the victim is it brutal for the loved ones and caregivers.

Don't expect God to help you and don't expect his friends in the medical industry to help you either. It turns out that perispinal etanercept injections help Alzhiemer's patients but it is very hard to find a doctor who will give them for fear of reprisals from their criminal industry. Etanercept is also known as Enbrel. Enbrel is currently used to treat Rhumatoid Arthritis and psoriasis but here's the rub. For it to work on Arthritis and Psoriasis it takes 1 to two injections per week with the yearly cost being over $20K. When treating other conditions such as TBI, dementia, stroke and back pain usually only 1 to 3 injections are required.

AMGEN CEO and Corporate Gangster Kevin Sharer 

Amgen the company that sells Enbrel is another filthy corporate gangster. Here's the 411 on them. AMGEN'S Dirty Laundry

2008. Forbes Magazine ranks AMGEN CEO Kevin Sharer 169 out of 175. Rankings were based on performance vs. pay metrics.[8]

2009. Sen. Edward Kennedy introduced a bill granting AMGEN and other biotech companies more than 13 years of marketing exclusivity. Kennedy Institute receives $ 5 million from Amgen.[9]

2010. AMGEN spends a record $ 10.2 million on lobbying activities. Data based on Senate Office of Public Records.[10]

2012. Illegal marketing practices. The Los Angeles Times reported on December 18, 2012 that AMGEN pleaded guilty and agreed to pay $ 150 million in criminal penalty and $ 612 million to resolve 11 related whistle-blower complaints. Federal prosecutors accused the company of pursuing profits while putting patients at risk.[11] Larry Husten, a contributor at elaborates on AMGEN's illegal marketing practices in this case, namely that "The government accused Amgen of marketing Aranesp for indications not approved by the FDA and other illegal marketing practices.[12] One of the drugs, mentioned in the law suit, had sales of $492 million in the 3rd quarter of 2012, down 17% from the same quarter the previous. year "due to "reimbursement problems and label changes". In addition, the drug Aranesp failed in heart trials, as it failed to meet its primary endpoints. Adverse effects include cardiac failure, diarrhea, congestive heart failure and dizziness.[13]

2012 Kathleen Sharp publishes a book entitled "Blood Medicine: Blowing the whistle on one of the deadliest prescription drugs ever." It covers, amongst other subjects, Amgen's early history and involvement in developing blood boosters, also used by cyclists like Lance Armstrong.[14][15]

2013 Aggressive Lobbying. Lawmakers, allegedly maneuvered by a team of 74 AMGEN lobbyists, inserted text into the fiscal cliff bill that will allow the drug maker to sell a class of drugs that includes Sensipar without government controls for an additional two years. The paragraph in the fiscal cliff bill will cost taxpayers an estimated $ 500 million.[16] A non-profit group, led by Russ Feingold, files a petition against Amgen's fiscal cliff deal at the end of January.[17] The executive at Amgen in charge of U.S. Government Affairs is Senior Vice President Victoria H. Blatter.[18]

2013 the FDA halted Amgen's studies of its thyroid drug Sensipar after the death of a 14-year-old patient in a company trial.[19]

God creates disease and his criminal agents exploit it.

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