Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Evil God Evil Bible Belt

The most evil and depraved humans live in the Bible belt.

They are fat and gluttonous.

They are blissfully ignorant.

They have the highest divorce rates.

They have the highest teen pregnancy rates.

They have the lowest IQs.

They are the most dishonest.


  1. i curse god atleast 100 times daily. it makes me feel blissful

    1. The most evil God is the Bible Belt god. Hate him out of existance!

  2. hi,
    although this site is made to support atheism, but he has given a number of valid points, have a look at here


God sucks and some of you admit and others are in denial about it. Say what ever you want. I am not an evil agent of God so I won't censor unless it is spam or pornographic. I'll even let Christers and Muslimes post their lies.