Sunday, February 7, 2016

God Created the Zika Virus

Any being who would create the Zika virus is pure evil and that is what God is. I'm not going to sugar coat it. Only vile and depraved being would inflict this horrible disease on his children.

This is what God designed the Zika virus to do to a baby. God also knows how much it would hurt the parents. 

God created the mosquito to spread it. God uses mosquitoes to deliver malaria. What a fucking douche bag.

God is looking at this baby knowing it will have a lifetime of suffering. God is cumming in his pants.


  1. god is laughing on us...he is cuddled, laughing made his ass go off....he is so happy that he nearly killed plenty plenty of peoples with incredible pain. aha..that incredibly cruel asshole.motherfucker....motherfucking criminal.

  2. I think that God derives his power from people worshiping him. Exposing God for the fraud he is will eventually destroy him.


God sucks and some of you admit and others are in denial about it. Say what ever you want. I am not an evil agent of God so I won't censor unless it is spam or pornographic. I'll even let Christers and Muslimes post their lies.