Friday, March 18, 2016

Religion Ruins Everything

Religion is like cilantro, it ruins everything. This pictorial essay along with some great instrumental surf inspired music kinda sums it all up. Religion sucks and the more fundamental it is the worse it gets. The time has come to rid humanity of this deadly superstition. We can start by condemning it and ridiculing it and its followers. We can expose its lies and its history. 

In the US and Europe bashing Christianity politically correct and while that is a good thing we must not forget Christianity's evil fraternal twin, Islam. Both religions are scams used to control people, power and wealth and in that process the theft and carnage ensues. 

If there is a benevolent god/creator of the universe perhaps he/she/it is waiting for humanity to learn how to face reality but I suppose that notion is pretty much a pipe dream. One could argue that the carnage inflicted upon the innocent by the followers of the believers in the god of the Bible and the Koran knows no limits and seems to run counter to what we are as human but perhaps the answer is simpler. Maybe a lot of people are just no damned good.

Billions of Muslims and Christians pray every day to their cruel and evil entities Jehovah and Allah. Could this toxic energy be poisoning the collective unconscious?  Maybe we should counter it? Short circuit it? Neutralize it? Why not use social media to make the case against these to vile and deadly religions, their gods and their prophets/profits? I'm not talking about some sort of movement where everyone is in lockstep. I'm talking about people using their individual consciences to add their own thoughts and ideas to help end this scourge. 


  1. I think 'god' is just bad energy who was created by Christians and muslims mind.god hate 'innocence' he turn good people into evil people when he send his bastards childs kill or fuck every persons who can unmask him or may be superior to him.the two faces of god are:first,'good father' or 'god of love'and second face'tyrant'.when he turn a good Guy into evil Guy,he say:'look everyone! this is an evil Guy!he hate his father! He don't want my love!'(what kind of love?) and all idiots believe him. But no one know why this Guy is become evil.many persons do the same thing between them everyday in life.domination,manipulation,religion and control are:god.

    1. Remy, I love that theory!

      God is an evil force that is probably a manifestation of the god of Abraham who we all know it brutal evil bastard.

    2. remy,
      there are many peoples who are extreme devotee of god i will not mention their names, and many of them are facing cases of child rape, i think god (the evil one) sent all those little children to his devotees (who are big saints and now in jail in case of child rape) so that devotees can enjoy those little girls, (as god enjoys) but poor peoples caught them and put them in jail and simply defy the plan of god.


God sucks and some of you admit and others are in denial about it. Say what ever you want. I am not an evil agent of God so I won't censor unless it is spam or pornographic. I'll even let Christers and Muslimes post their lies.